From desolation emerges a unique young artist whose journey into music can only be described as an aching road. Christine Tran, singer, song-writer, and originally self-taught musician from the South West outskirts of Sydney, overhauls a long emotional venture to emerge as a soulful light of the trance & EDM scene. 

As an outlet of release, Christine's emotional music performances gained noticeable exposure on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Written during difficult times, Christine’s uploaded trance covers & original compositions served as an escape from reality.

Before too long, Christine was discovered by Melbourne based artist management and trance label director ‘Maes•tro’ of Explosive Music, who immediately recognised rare and honest qualities in Christine’s touching online performances.  

Originally reluctant to pursue any potential or professional music career as a recording artist due to personal emotional distress, Christine was helped through artistic development and Maes•tro’s professional artist coaching which has metamorphosised her into a confident artist of intense credibility and talent.

Christine, a naturally gifted and talented musician and pianist, extends her talents into composition lending ideas and melodic arrangements to the team of producers who help craft her debut single “Ocean Tides” and forthcoming EP album.


Christine Tran’s commitment to the trance genre is all part and parcel of her totality as an artist and musician. Deeply connected to trance and the worldwide trance community, Christine’s aura is about bringing life in music through her soul-deep written music and voice. Christine proudly represents Explosive Music & 405 Recordings as a new artist signed to the 405~Explosive label and family.    




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405 EXPLOSIVE // Ashley Gay & Richard Rinaudo


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Explosive Music // Maes•tro


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