"Ocean Tides" Remix Breaks Top 20


The debut track hits the trance charts on Beatport

Landing at number 18 on the trance charts, the Giuseppe Ottaviani remix of Maes•tro & Christine Tran's "Ocean Tides" breaks into the top 20 a few days after release. The beautiful uplifting take of the vocal trance track, soared through the trance charts and peaked on an exceptional note. The young Aussie trance artist Christine Tran, sends her massive thank you to the world's leading DJ/Producers who have supported "Ocean Tides":

Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Jorn van Deyhoven, Ruben De Ronde, Dim3nsion, Roger Shah, RAM, Indecent Noise, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry, Blasterjaxx, Torio, Sean & Alexander, Neil Bamford & Paul Brice, Madwave, Guto Putti, Nickolauss, Rene Ablaze & Andrew Manning, Dan Delaforce

Out Now!


Ocean Tides Remix

The much anticipated Giuseppe Ottaviani remix of Maes•tro & Christine Tran's "Ocean Tides" has already broken grounds and premiered onto major radios with support from the world's leading trance DJ/Producers such as Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten. As played on ASOT 851, FSOE 834 & 835, Corsten's Countdown 555 and voted Future Sound on FSOE 835, the release of the Giuseppe Ottaviani remix of "Ocean Tides" by Maes•tro & Christine Tran, is finally announced. Ottaviani's progressive uplifting remix powers along with arpeggiating saw's, drums and delicate yet mighty production. A stadium quality remix for peak time festival performances. Now available on all leading music platforms. Head to

"Ocean Tides" hit "A State Of Trance" radio!


Support from Armin van Buuren on ASOT 851

The Giuseppe Ottaviani remix of Maes•tro & Christine Tran's "Ocean Tides", aires its way onto the word's biggest trance radio station "A State Of Trance" and gets supported by the most iconic trance DJ in the world - Armin van Buuren. The trance legend Armin van Buuren and Ruben De Ronde featured "Ocean Tides" on episode 851 of their latest "A State Of Trance" radio show. With ASOT 850 festival around the corner, the remix  of "Ocean Tides" is due to release soon in the upcoming week.

Voted as Future Sound on FSOE 535


"Ocean Tides" hits Aly & Fila's Future Sound Of Egypt radio again!

"Ocean Tides" has been given another round of support from the iconic trance duo Aly & Fila. Voted as the most popular track of last week's episode, the remix has been aired again on episode 535 of Aly & Fila's FSOE radio show, in anticipation of the release next week. 

Support by Ferry Corsten on Corsten's Countdown 555


"Ocean Tides" hit major Dutch radio

Dutch trance master Ferry Corsten, aired "Ocean Tides" on this week's episode of his radio show Corsten's Countdown. The single remixed by Giuseppe Ottaviani, premieres on major Dutch radio prior to the release of the remix on the 23rd of February 2018.

"Ocean Tides" Breaks Onto The World Trance Charts on Beatport


The debut single hits no.79, breaking the top 100 on debut

Maes•tro & Christine Tran's "Ocean Tides" has broken into the top 100 upon debut, and secured its place in 79th position on the world's leading trance music charts on Beatport. With major support from fans, and few major DJs & producers, the original mix shot past the top 100 and sat in a comfortable seat at no.79. With heavy anticipation of the release of the remix, everyone is sitting tight for what is about to unfold for the world to hear. 

"Ocean Tides" Supported By Biggest Uplifting Trance Duo, Aly & Fila


"Ocean Tides" aired on FSOE Episode 534

The world's biggest uplifting trance duo, Aly & Fila, has recently featured Giuseppe Ottaviani's remix of "Ocean Tides" by Maes•tro & Christine Tran, on their latest radio show - Future Sound Of Egypt Episode 534. The uplifting remix, which is soon to be released this upcoming week, makes its debut one of the world's most iconic trance radio stations. Major congratulations! Not long to go until the realse of the remix!

First Major Support By One Of The World's Top DJs "Blasterjaxx"


"Ocean Tides" played on Maxximize On Air 191

"Ocean Tides" gets their first support by one of the world's top DJ's "Blasterjaxx", who were ranked 36 on the top 100 DJs of 2017 (DJMag). The iconic house music Dutch duo, aired "Ocean Tides" (Original Mix) on episode 191 of their radio show "Maxximize On Air". Christine Tran & Maes•tro are thrilled to receive such amazing support from the boys from the Netherlands. Where will this massive trance track hit next? We will have to wait and see!

"Ocean Tides" Released Today!


Debut Single Out Now

Christine Tran announces the release of her debut track "Ocean Tides" with Maes•tro today, under the 405 Explosive label.

"I am relieved and so happy. So much emotional baggage has lifted off my shoulders from the release of this song. I hope that the global trance family will hear it and appreciate the song under its surface" - Christine. 

Giuseppe Ottaviani remix of "Ocean Tides" is due to be released in two weeks. 

Original mix is now available on all major music platforms such as Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Musc and many more. Get your copy today!

Giuseppe Ottaviani remix to follow 'Ocean Tides' release


Remixer for 'Ocean Tides' revealed

Ocean Tides gets the upiifting treatment, as world renowned trance DJ/Producer Giuseppe Ottaviani takes the honourary duties of remixing Christine Tran's debut release. Accelerated to grounding beats of 138bpm, the progressive uplifting remix is enticed with a dark touch, slanting the tonality to a ominous drive. The remix will follow the debut of "Ocean Tides" original vocal progressive mix, which is set to be released on the 31st of January 2018.  

"Ocean Tides" coming soon in early 2018


Debut release is around the corner!

Christine and Maes•tro wrap it up, before the count down begins for the release of 'Ocean Tides'. After intensive sessions of collaborative efforts and endless hours and endless revisions, the release is on its way. Surviving on indecent sleep and a few cups of coffee, Christine & Maes•tro have put their absolute entireties into the making of 'Ocean Tides'. Not long to go until the emotional vocal progressive track is set alight for the world to hear. The track is expected to debut in early 2018 on non other than 405 EXPLOSIVE. 

Back In The Studio!


Second release "Ashes" in the making

Christine returns to Explosive Music HQ in Melbourne going into the studio to record her second release “Ashes” with Maes•tro, after a big weekend of Transmission Music Festival celebrations. The confidently growing young artist hits the microphone and piano again, and wraps up her second studio recording session on a high note. Literally! Maes•tro currently undertakes the favour of producing the track, and transforming it into a trance anthem to truly remember in the future years to come. 


Stop, drop. It's Time. For The Biggest Transmission Music Festival In History.


Sydney artist Christine Tran unites with the Melbourne crowd to celebrate the world's biggest Transmission event.

The trance experience is never complete without attending the biggest Transmission Music Festival in history, at a location no other than the trance capital of Australia – Melbourne. Known for their unbelievable energy and large trance community, undoubtedly the artist flies down to Melbourne to experience one of the biggest trance events ever held in Australia, before attending the music studio for recording. Breaking the world record books for the most amount of lasers used in an indoor event, Transmission Melbourne delivered an insane production of 54 lasers and a huge line-up of world class DJs showcasing mainly progressive/hard/tech trance and psytrance in all its glory, with a touch of uplifting. Etihad Stadium transformed into a glorified sanctuary of deep rhythm and hard beats. Christine describes the music as “Soul-pounding. Hits me right to the soul. Every psytrance lover would understand.” The young artist returns to the studio on Monday to record her second release, “Ashes”. 

Armin Only Embrace


The God of trance Armin van Buuren returns to Sydney

No doubt, Armin Only was a night to be remembered, as Christine Tran meets her number one most favourite trance DJ legend of all time – Armin van Buuren. As a late birthday present, the Armin Only ticket was gifted by her loving work colleagues from her dental team. Little did Christine know, that her innocent standard entry ticket would end up being selected to meet her long-time music idol. With the company of her best friend, Christine had the privilege to meet the most globally iconic trance legend and to experience an amazing show he had put on. Live dancers and singers accompanied Armin’s amazing music set, showcasing his new jazz-trance fusion style off his “Embrace” album and a broad array of other trance styles including big-room, psy-trance, tech-trance, uplifting trance, and progressive trance. A fusion of jazz and trance? It works. Armin continues to deliver remarkable music following the release of the classical-inspired album “Intense” in 2013 – which still remains to be Christine’s favourite album of all time. Highlight of the night? “Definitely meeting the God of trance himself. Completely starstruck.” 



Temple Of White


All in, all white, at Genesis White

The Australian trance family unite together in an army of white, to experience a royale of progressive trance music in the heart of Sydney. Amongst a few of Christine’s favourite progressive trance DJ’s such as John O’Callaghan and Paul Van Dyk, the night was filled with many new and classic progressive trance tracks, transforming the pavilion to a giant energy pumping ground. This particular event is said to hold a lot of meaning to artist Christine Tran, defining this moment as a big turning point in her life. Song of the night was inevitably Paul Van Dyk's “I don’t deserve you” featuring Plumb (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix), a favourite amongst the trance tracks that Christine holds closely to her. A great night it was, till next year Genesis White!

1st Studio Recording Session


Christine flies down to Melbourne and records her first release 'Ocean Tides'

After an intense few months under Maes•tro’s professional training and artist development, Christine makes her way down to Melbourne to record her original 'Ocean Tides'. Battling with a flu and half-husky voice, nothing can ever really stop her drive to do what she is suppose to do. Written during a despairing time in her life, the artist’s first single 'Ocean Tides' was captured as the recording session ended on an intense and emotionally-stirring note. The progressive trance piece is predicted to be released at the beginning of 2018 on artist debut. Maes•tro is currently producing the track, and international DJ’s will be given the remixing duty of this release. Sculling ten cups of famous Melbourne coffee, and brunching her way through Melbourne's food alleyways, she now flies back to Sydney. 



Christine Tran Gets Signed By Maes•tro


Young musician discovered by ARIA award-winning artist & ASOT Producer

In the heart of a dark and difficult time, self-taught musician Christine Tran gets discovered and signed by Maes•tro (Richard Rinaudo) - an ARIA award winning, A State of Trance DJ/Producer, and AR trance label director for 405 Explosive. Discovered through her musical creations and uploaded trance covers on social media, the gifted and talented musician enters the big wide world of the trance music industry and undergoes intensive professional artist development, for artist debut at the end of 2017. With the professional guidance of manager Maes•tro, Christine embarks on a journey to a big future ahead with an incredible team. 


Above & Beyond Acoustic II World Tour


Above & Beyond Brings Their Acoustic II Tour down-under!

In the midst of Sydney’s Vivid Light festival, the whole of Sydney was lit. Though every corner and every edge of the city was decorated with beautifully choreographed lights and majestic lightshows, nothing was more lit than what was held behind the walls of the Sydney Opera House. From London’s Royal Albert Hall, Above & Beyond brings their live Acoustic II show down-under, and perform in the Concert Hall of one of Australia’s iconic landmark venue – The Sydney Opera House. Sold out extremely rapidly, the intimate performance by the English progressive trance group showcased their classics in an acoustic rendition, accompanied by one of Sydney’s best orchestras. Though the show was quite intimate, the atmosphere was far beyond that. OceanLab classics, such as “On A Good Day”, “Satellite”, “A Thing Called Love”, transformed the whole hall into a sing-along family of trance lovers.

“The best moment of the night was when thousands of people waved their phone flashlight in the air as Justine Suissa sang ‘On A Good Day’. It started out with one person, then a few moments later, the whole hall turned into a sea of lights. It was incredible. Justine cried! I almost cried too!” - Christine



"The Last Dance" with Godskitchen


Godskitchen puts on a massive final show

In retirement, Godskitchen puts on a mind-blowing farewell show in one of Sydney’s biggest indoor stadium. Two decades of beautiful trance music brought by the international dance music event has finally come to end. Completely immersed in the sea of trance lovers, Christine Tran believes this was the best trance event she has ever been to. Being a passionate lover of big trance classics, anthems, progressive, big-room, tech/psy and vocal trance, Godskitchen didn’t fail to deliver her wide-ranged personal tastes on a grand upscale.  International trance DJs were brought to full life on a breathtaking stage, surrounded by mesmerising laser choreography and production. The line-up consisting of Cosmic Gate, Jason Ross, ATB, Arty, Susana, Menno De Jong, Super 8 & Tab, and Simon Patterson, sure sent her dancing the night away like it was her “Last Dance”, with each artist delivering trance music that spell-bounds her specific tastes. “Highlight of the event, was when Menno De Jong played ‘Silence’ by Delirium (Tiesto In Search of Sunrise Remix) to end of Sydney’s Godskitchen 2016. That song, one of my all-time favourite classics, combined with the beautiful array of lasers, sent a shockwave of shivers down my spine. The most amazing moment ever. It’s forever imbedded into my memory”.  An incredible experience eventually came to its end, and it was time to say goodbye. Au revoir Godskitchen! You will be missed.